Workers Compensation Injury 

First and foremost, at our firm you will receive personal attention, skilled legal advice driven to achieve a successful outcome for your legal needs. We know what it takes to secure a favorable outcome for you and we have been representing clients since 1984. In personal injury cases, Dianne Ingemi will only represent the interests of injured workers and accident victims in all types of work related injuries throughout Southern New Jersey.

At Newman & Ingemi L.L.C, we believe that only an experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated attorney should be making the decisions to protect your legal interests. Each case is handled personally by the attorney having the “know how”, skills, exceptional communication skills to assist you with the litigation process to achieve the optimal result. If your case is not best served by going to trial, our negotiating skill will get you a favorable settlement to quickly, efficiently, and fairly to resolve your legal needs.

We do not represent insurance carriers, corporations or employers. Our interests and advocacy is only to represent individual parties and injured victims.  Our efforts are multi-layered to attain the benefits you are entitled to including your medical and diagnostic care, wages for loss of work when on disability, when you are unable to work at full duty and /or permanent disability benefits. We are on your side, advocating for your legal interests and needs.

A denied claim is just the beginning of our fight to protect your rights. You need the right legal strategies and advocacy to fight a wrongful denial of a workers compensation claim.

Many workers compensation claims are improperly denied for a variety of reasons:

  • You did not seek medical treatment for your injury immediately
  • You did not provide all facts to show employer that injury arose from doing your work tasks /responsibilities (even at home locations)
  • You did not notify your employer of your injury right away
  • You did not file an work injury accident report or complete a Workers’ Compensation application within days of the injury
  • You did not provide all of the requested information to your employer or workers compensation carrier
  • The claims adjuster or employer is denying your current claim because you had a pre-existing condition
  • Your injury occurred at a location away from your worksite
  • Your injury was not obvious until later after the incident or occurred  outside of your normal work hours
  • The employer or Workers compensation carrier is contesting the nature of your injury arguing that it is not serious or arising to a permanent injury
  • The claim adjuster or employer is alleging work misconduct or horseplay , to contest the claim
  • The claim adjuster or employer is alleging job abandonment if you fail to report to work or properly notify the employer of the work injury

Many denials of workers compensation claims arise from home injuries and telecommuting. More and more employees are doing their jobs at home. Many workers are being injured doing work tasks and responsibilities from remote locations. There is New Jersey law stating that as long as the employee is engaged in direct performance of assigned work duties, it does not legally matter if their job duties are performed on or off their work premises.

We will investigate your work injury, gather the important documentation to assess if the denial was proper, and file the appropriate application to fight for your legal worker compensation benefits. Do not attempt this process alone.  Contact our office so we take the necessary steps to fight for your legal benefits of wages, medical expense and a permanent injury benefit.   


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